Monday, April 9, 2012

Windows Desktop Wallpaper

Windows Desktop Wallpaper is one of the nice awesome collections of Wallpaper. Windows Desktop Wallpaper can make your Desktop so nice and it can furnish your PC nice Looking.
We published some Windows Desktop Wallpaper for Free! For our honorable and Beloved Visitor.
In this site you will get everything fully free and always will be Free!
Photography is one of the most Hobby of me and I always try to give you some exclusive and awesome wallpaper and photo Collections.
However, if you like the Windows Desktop Wallpapers collections then please share the Windows Desktop Wallpaper collection with your friends and stay with us.
We are always trying to provide you latest and up to date wallpaper collections.
Enjoy Windows Desktop Wallpaper collection and share Windows Desktop Wallpaper with Friends and family.


  1. It's really nice collections. Interesting............

  2. Some really nice wallpapers. Always looking for new ones. Thanks for posting.

  3. Bagus banget nih artikelnya. sangat bermanfaat. thank you.

  4. Hey nice wallpapers.. waiting for some more like the same..
    Find some at my side.. Sony HX200V

  5. Great wallpapers, using them on my mac now :L thankyou :)

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  6. These are some of the best free wallpapers I have seen, thanks!

  7. Oh my god these are my husband's dream wallpapers as he's in IT...

  8. Cool! Did you design these yourself? I make graphics too. I use the program GIMP. You can see on my NJ history blog the effects I put on my photos.

  9. Old but nice wallpapers. I used one of them, the default one for years.

  10. Nice wallpapers, i used them as my facebook profile page cover, these could be good facebook covers.

  11. Those are nice designs but the colors are very bright for wallpaper. I don't know if it is just that I'm not used to bright colors for my wallpaper. I think you should think of other shades for best outcome.

  12. The second one is the best wallpaper there. Graphics and imaging are all slowly shifting into the 3D world. A lot of the designs you would see everywhere are composed of 3D concepts. Admittedly, 3D designing is hard even though you are given the right tools, learning them is a lot different from Photoshop and other image editing software. It is like you are making something appear out of thin air.

  13. Very nice collection of windows pictures, thanks for share these all the pictures.

  14. Thanks for this great collection of windows wallpaper.

  15. Nice I found this site with Photos for Sale,, I used one of these as a desktop background too.


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