Thursday, March 29, 2012

Windows 7 Wallpaper

Windows 7 Wallpaper is the most popular Wallpaper to Thousands of wallpaper lover peoples.
To full fill the requirement of Windows 7 Wallpaper, we publish some exclusive Windows 7 Wallpaper In the site. All Wallpapers are fully free and always will be as well as the Windows 7 Wallpaper collection. Here in the site you will get thousand s of exclusive and exciting wallpapers collection as well as nice photos, nature, Windows Wallpaper, Desktop wallpaper and many more.
If you have any suggestion, guidelines or any objection then please never forget to leave a comment. Your comment is always welcome.
So, Enjoy the Windows 7 Wallpaper collection and share Windows 7 Wallpaper with your friends.


  1. I like your approach on the topic. Your article is as interesting as your previous writings. Keep up the good work, thanks a lot.

    1. interesting wallpapers, thumbs up windows

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  2. Love the one that looks kinda like the ocean. I have never seen that one before. thanks so much.

  3. I guess these wallpapers are IT people's dreams.

  4. nice collection of wallpapers. Looking forward for more collection like this.

  5. Cool! Did you design these yourself? I make graphics too. I use the program GIMP. You can see on my NJ antiques blog the effects I put on my photos.

  6. Windows 7 is cool but not its time for Windows 8. Nice wallpapers you have here.

  7. Windows 7 is full of useful features, It is user friendly too.

  8. They are better than the first wallpapers I've seen. I like the last wallpaper, it looks like XP is in the water. I'll search for more wallpaper here.

  9. hi and thanks for great post . i am a newbie and have a question . how to create such a fantasy photos usign photoshop ? any specific plugin needed ? or how to make a 3d photos like :
    any help really appreciated !

  10. This is certainly a great collection of wallpapers. If only the Windows 7 Basic allows you to change wallpapers seamlessly I would have done so ages ago. What I did now though was to look for an external program that allows me to change the wallpaper. It is possible but it slows down my computer a lot.

  11. Wow thanks for the wallpapers, i was looking for these pictures.

  12. I absolutely liked visiting everything that is written and given on your blog. Keep the information coming.


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